Navigating Climate Insights in the Flexport Platform 

Wednesday, 15 May, 2024



In this demo webinar, we'll explore how to manage your supply chain's environmental impact. Nina Kaledin, Flexport's Senior Program Manager for Climate, will join Nick Barber to demonstrate how Flexport platform helps you calculate, report, and book sustainably.

You will be able to see the tools and receive tips for effectively measuring and reducing emissions.

Key Topics:

  • Understanding Transportation Emissions: Learn how to measure the greenhouse gas footprint of your transportation, including shipments not moving with Flexport.
  • Make informed decisions using reporting and analytics that allows for emissions reduction.
  • Explore options for both insetting and offsetting to align with sustainability goals.

What You'll Learn:

  • Techniques to quantify emissions within your supply chain.
  • Strategies for cost-effective emission reduction and mitigation.
  • Practical steps to integrate sustainability into your logistics operations.
Nick Barber

Sales Acceleration Manager EMEA

Nina Kaledin

Senior Program Manager, Climate

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