Flexport Capital:
Understanding Cash Flow Conversions

November 29, 2023

12:00 pm PT

3:00 pm ET


Cash is king for growing direct to consumer (DTC) brands. Understanding how to measure and improve your cash flow is critical to the ongoing success of your business. When done right, you are able to proactively optimize your cash flow, so you’ll never find yourself short of cash when your growing DTC brand needs it most. Tune in for an insightful webinar about Cash Flow Conversions, where our experts will discuss the benefits of trade finance resources with Flexport Capital.

In this webinar, Flexport’s Quentin Purtzer and Free to Grow CFO’s Jon Blair will share:

  • Why profit doesn’t equal cash.
  • A review of the cash conversion cycle.
  • Tips for how to improve each component of your cash flow drivers.
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Quentin Purtzer

Business Development Lead

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Jon Blair

Free to Grow CFO

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