Beyond Peak Season – Tips for Navigating Ongoing Supply Chain Uncertainty

What’s inside?

The pandemic, along with several other contributing factors like inflation, extreme weather, and labor shortages, continues to impact global supply chains. Last year's peak season was rife with delays, missed delivery dates, ports congestion, and overall chaos. Some brands feel better prepared this year, but are they truly ready for unpredictable curveballs?

Discover how unlocking end-to-end visibility, and implementing some key strategies and safeguards can help businesses of all sizes navigate fluctuating demand, delays and potential market changes to keep top SKUs in stock during peak season and beyond.

What’s included in this e-guide:

  • Advice and insights from industry experts on planning for unexpected challenges during peak season and beyond.
  • Actionable best practices for staying on track for the 2022 holiday season.
  • How to improve efficiency across all modes of transportation by solidifying cargo-ready dates and shipment capacity ahead of time.
  • How to prevent delays at customs by knowing your risk and preparing for contingencies.
  • What other brands are doing to get ahead of potential roadblocks.